Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome to the Revolution.

This first post won't be an auto biography. Well, maybe a short one. I am a single mom, divorced (and happy!) I work full time doing interesting things with paper and soothing irritated men with my clothes on, I go to college part time, online and I live a little north of nowhere.That said I am trying very hard to do my part (and sometimes a few others parts) to make the earth outlast my kids kids kids. At no time will I profess to be perfect and I am not going plastic free, just plastic minimal. I started this blog because my poor sweet friends are probably really sick of my daily IM's spouting off about some plastic offense someone committed or I committed, or the newest thing I found or simply how plastic bags are ruining the world and if we don't turn down the heat were going to fry up all the polar bears.Hopefully I don't sound that hysterical though, heh. I won't always just rant about plastic though, I promise. Sometimes I might blog about a TV show or my kids or some great new recipe I snagged off another website. So stick around, grab a drink (preferably something in a sustainable glass cup) and join the revolution.

Disclaimer: I cannot spell, feel free to correct me.


monday (amanda) said...

lols, yer funny!! i don't think i can go completely "plastic free" but i'll keep reading your blog and hopefully will pick up some tips to make our lives "minimally plastic". deal? :~D

Granola Girl said...

Sounds good to me! :o) So glad you came by!

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