Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bail who out?

I'd like someone to come and buy my bad debt and bail me out. I made some bad choices.. Why isn't anyone cleaning up my mess? I also bought a vacuum that works like crap; the government should come and fix that too. -tic-

In all seriousness.. I think this big bailout is a bad idea.. coming at the end of a long line of really shitty ideas. Like war, destruction, taxes, sub prime lending! (I was I the only broke single parent who choose NOT to take one of those loans? Where my bailout for that GOOD choice??) George bush is determined to make sure he goes down as the worst president ever, anything good he ever did will be forever erased by this last big bang.

Maybe letting the American economy suffer is not such a bad thing. So a few people won't be able to buy Wii's this Christmas, boohoo. Maybe seeing a few victory gardens won’t be so bad. Canning food? Not that hard, I have been doing it for ten years. Stretch a meal, add beans, there cheap and healthy. Buy second hand clothes, it's easier then you think and no one will actually know. Learn to budget! I have a fantastic link on how to budget that’s so easy a toddler could do it.

Why would it be so bad for Americans to get a little financial smack upside the head? We consume too much and we waste too much. We should have to tighten our belts. This government bailout is a cop out and does a disservice to the taxpayers. Why should *I* have to pay for a bunch of rich guys to stay out of debt/ Are those same guys going to forgive my debts/ or yours? -Insert canned laughter-

By the way.. my kids are getting a Wii because they and I saved for one. Shocking concept.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The good, the bad and the cancer causing causing crap.

Now that you know what each of the numbers represents, here are the kinds you should look for at the store:

Safer Plastics

#2HDPE, #4LDPE and #5PP

These three types of plastic are the healthiest. They transmit no known chemicals into your food and they're generally recyclable; #2 is very commonly accepted by municipal recycling programs, but you may have a more difficult time finding someone to recycle your #4 and #5 containers. Milk, water, and juice bottles, yogurt and margarine tubs, cereal box liners, and grocery, trash, and retail bags. Not known to leach any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones. # 4 LDPE Some bread and frozen food bags and squeezable bottles. Not known to leach any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones, but not as widely recycled as #1 or #2. #5 PP Some ketchup bottles and yogurt and margarine tubs. Hazardous during production, but not known to leach any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones. Not as widely recycled as #1 and #2.

#1 PET

#1 bottles and containers are fine for single use [what is fine about single use???] and are widely accepted by municipal recyclers. You won't find many reusable containers made from #1, but they do exist. It's also best to avoid reusing #1 plastic bottles; water and soda bottles in particular are hard to clean, and because plastic is porous, these bottles absorb flavors and bacteria that you can't get rid of. Also used to make soft drink, water, sports drink, ketchup, and salad dressing bottles, and peanut butter, pickle, jelly and jam jars. Not known to leach any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones.


PLA (polylactide) plastics are made from renewable resources such as corn, potatoes and sugar cane and anything else with a high starch content. The starch is converted into polylactide acid (PLA). Although you can't recycle these plant-based plastics, you can compost them in a municipal composter or in your backyard compost heap. Most decompose in about twelve days unlike conventional plastic, which can take up to 1000 years.

Plastics to Avoid

#3 PVC

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is often used frequently in cling wraps for meat. However, PVC contains softeners called phthalates that interfere with hormonal development, and its manufacture and incineration release dioxin, a potent carcinogen and hormone disruptor. Vinyl chloride, the primary building block of PVC, is a known human carcinogen that also poses a threat to workers during manufacture.Most cling-wrapped meats, cheeses, and other foods sold in delicatessens and groceries are wrapped in PVC. To soften into its flexible form, manufacturers add “plasticizers” during production. Traces of these chemicals can leach out of PVC when in contact with foods. According to the National Institutes of Health, di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP), commonly found in PVC, is a suspected human carcinogen.

#6 PS

This is baaaad stuff. Extruded polystyrene (#6 PS; commonly known as Styrofoam) is used in take-out containers and cups, and non-extruded PS is used in clear disposable takeout containers, disposable plastic cutlery and cups. Both forms of PS can leach styrene into food; styrene is considered a possible human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. It may also disrupt hormones or affect reproduction. Foam insulation and also for hard applications (e.g. cups, some toys) Benzene (material used in production) is a known human carcinogen. Butadiene and styrene (the basic building block of the plastic) are suspected carcinogens. Energy intensive and poor recycling.

#7 PC

#7 Polycarbonate (PC) is found in baby bottles, 5-gallon water bottles, water-cooler bottles and the epoxy linings of tin food cans. PC is composed of a hormone-disrupting chemical called bisphenol A, which has been linked to a wide variety of problems such as cancer and obesity.Baby bottles, microwave ovenware, eating utensils, plastic coating for metal cans. Made with biphenyl-A, a chemical invented in the 1930s in search for synthetic estrogens. A hormone disruptor. Simulates the action of estrogen when tested in human breast cancer studies. Can leach into food as product ages.

But don't worry, the government will keep you safe.. right?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Giggles

I said to bigkid tonight.. "I should laugh more, shouldn't I? I am too tense and worried all the time."

And bigkid said.. "I'm not like that!"

And I said.. "One day you will be all grown up and be that way too."

And bigkid said.." No, Mom.. Laughter will always be my second language."

What a wonderful thing to think. Laughter should be everyones' second language.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Plastics, De-coded

If you click on the above photo the picture will open larger for easier viewing.
There are many types of plastic in common use. Plastic must be sorted by type for recycling since each type melts at a different temperature and displays different properties. The plastics industry has developed identification codes to label different types of plastic. The identification system divides plastic into seven distinct types and uses a number code generally found on the bottom of containers. The following table explains the seven code system.

Plastic #1: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE)
Common uses: 2 liter soda bottles, cooking oil bottles, peanut butter jars. This is the most widely recycled plastic and often has redemption value under the "Bottle Bill."

Plastic #2: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Common uses: detergent bottles, milk jugs.

Plastic #3: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Common uses: plastic pipes, outdoor furniture, shrink wrap, water bottles, salad dressing and liquid detergent containers. Please note that plastic bags are not accepted for recycling curbside. However, stop and shop and Big Y Supermarkets accept plastic bags for recycling. Please remove food waste and receipts.

Plastic #4: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Common uses: dry cleaning bags, produce bags, trash can liners, food storage containers. Safeway Stores and Lucky Food Centers accept HDPE (#2) and LDPE (#4) plastic bags for recycling.

Plastic #5: Polypropylene (PP)
Common uses: bottle caps, drinking straws. Recycling centers almost never take #5 plastic.

Plastic #6: Polystyrene (PS)
Common uses: packaging pellets or "Styrofoam peanuts," cups, plastic tableware, meat trays, to-go "clam shell" containers. Many shipping/packaging stores will accept polystyrene peanuts and other packaging materials for reuse. Cups, meat trays, and other containers that have come in contact with food are more difficult to recycle.

Plastic #7: Other
Common uses: certain kinds of food containers and Tupperware. This plastic category, as its name of "other" implies, is any plastic other than the named #1-#6 plastic types. These containers can be any of the several different types of plastic polymers. Recycling centers cannot recycle plastic #7. Look for alternatives.

Friday, September 5, 2008

This is not real.

I had to share this post made by Crunchy Chicken over at .. Go check her out.

Why I love Sarah Palin
As the Republican National Convention wraps up I thought I'd take a moment to publish this list. I think it's very enlightening.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose Sarah Palin as my VP
by John S. McCain

1. She knows how to cook a mean wolf steak with polar bear sauce

2. She's young and hot and well, who knows whether or not Cindy will be in a disfiguring accident - it's good to have a backup

3. When I go hunting with her, I don't have to worry about getting accidentally shot in the face

4. She's good at eliminating, I mean, firing people, so I don't have to get my hands dirty if someone doesn't, well, work out

5. Cindy, Sarah and I would make a great threesome

Googled Holyoke Pics and got these...

Any idea where this was excatly?

For all intents and purposes, the Holyoke Mall at Ingleside is–at least for the moment–the largest mall in New England. It will soon be eclipsed by the Natick Mall, which is nearly doubling in size, and technically, the Northshore Mall in Peabody, Massachusetts is the largest shopping center in sheer square footage. However, Northshore’s floorspace is tucked into its five massive anchor stores, two of which are currently dark, while Holyoke Mall is a true giant.
View from Mt Tom. So pretty!

Holyoke High School Football Field. Has it ever looked so nice agian?

Holyoke Childrens Muesum. Giant germ fest.

Just a lazy sunday picnic in the hood.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have a friend who saves her pee, dilutes it and uses it to fertilize her garden. I have another friend who washes all her laundry by hand to save water. Another who makes all her own shampoos, soaps and skin products. Several who can their own winter fruits and veggies. And a handful who are making a huge effort to buy NO plastic what so ever.

Me? I do the little things. I pick up other peoples trash, I buy the product with less packaging when given the choice. I buy mostly organic. I use less harsh detergents and soaps. I turn down the heat and I try very hard not to buy plastic crap.

So when someone who doesn't even know me that well makes a joke about my eco-awareness.. it's funny, even to me, the first time. The second time I chuckle, the third time you get a dead pan stare and the fourth time I am going to start making fun of your faults and believe me.. I will out funny you.

No one likes having their beliefs trounced. And these are not my beliefs. It isn't like being an atheist or a catholic. It is not black and white. The world is hurting, the planet is suffering, these are facts. Look out your window and you will see it yourself. I am saving the world today, one square inch at a time.

What the hell are you doing?

All photos were pilfered from this fantastic article, it really is worth a quick read.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Buh Bye Summer

Rudds! is it already closed for the season? I feel like Rudds has single handedly cut off Summer. Like a pissed off girlfriend. Is it really closed? has Rudds given us all summer blue balls??

Or is Rudds just playing hard to get?

When does the Holyoke Public Library start Fall hours? I hate the summer hours. They close at like 6 pm. I like to take my kids there during the school year once or twice a week and do our homework together. I find we all get more done when we are away form the distractions of home.

What else happens in Holyoke to tell us that summer is over and winter is about to come and laugh at us as we shovel out our driveways?

By the way.. does anyone else find the shape of Holyoke to be.. rude?
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