Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bail who out?

I'd like someone to come and buy my bad debt and bail me out. I made some bad choices.. Why isn't anyone cleaning up my mess? I also bought a vacuum that works like crap; the government should come and fix that too. -tic-

In all seriousness.. I think this big bailout is a bad idea.. coming at the end of a long line of really shitty ideas. Like war, destruction, taxes, sub prime lending! (I was I the only broke single parent who choose NOT to take one of those loans? Where my bailout for that GOOD choice??) George bush is determined to make sure he goes down as the worst president ever, anything good he ever did will be forever erased by this last big bang.

Maybe letting the American economy suffer is not such a bad thing. So a few people won't be able to buy Wii's this Christmas, boohoo. Maybe seeing a few victory gardens won’t be so bad. Canning food? Not that hard, I have been doing it for ten years. Stretch a meal, add beans, there cheap and healthy. Buy second hand clothes, it's easier then you think and no one will actually know. Learn to budget! I have a fantastic link on how to budget that’s so easy a toddler could do it.

Why would it be so bad for Americans to get a little financial smack upside the head? We consume too much and we waste too much. We should have to tighten our belts. This government bailout is a cop out and does a disservice to the taxpayers. Why should *I* have to pay for a bunch of rich guys to stay out of debt/ Are those same guys going to forgive my debts/ or yours? -Insert canned laughter-

By the way.. my kids are getting a Wii because they and I saved for one. Shocking concept.


VanDog said...

From my somewhat conservative point of view I am highly skeptical of this bail out as well. Too many unknown variables. Too little accountability.

btw.. My vacuum is broken too, and Bush isn't doing anything about it!

Tony said...

Sing it, sister.

Reducing in HM said...

Vandog, I think this is one of those great but rare times when political parties do not matter, just good commen sense.

Today I heard this thing will cost about 5 grand per citizen.. that means every one of us will have 5 grand of OUR taxes paid to bail out wall street jackasses. If you factor in how many people pay no taxes at all its probably more liek 8 grand per tax payer. People bitch about paying thier taxes going to welfare but only like a quater of one percent of your taxes goes to welfare.. people should be so much more upset about this.

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