Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have a friend who saves her pee, dilutes it and uses it to fertilize her garden. I have another friend who washes all her laundry by hand to save water. Another who makes all her own shampoos, soaps and skin products. Several who can their own winter fruits and veggies. And a handful who are making a huge effort to buy NO plastic what so ever.

Me? I do the little things. I pick up other peoples trash, I buy the product with less packaging when given the choice. I buy mostly organic. I use less harsh detergents and soaps. I turn down the heat and I try very hard not to buy plastic crap.

So when someone who doesn't even know me that well makes a joke about my eco-awareness.. it's funny, even to me, the first time. The second time I chuckle, the third time you get a dead pan stare and the fourth time I am going to start making fun of your faults and believe me.. I will out funny you.

No one likes having their beliefs trounced. And these are not my beliefs. It isn't like being an atheist or a catholic. It is not black and white. The world is hurting, the planet is suffering, these are facts. Look out your window and you will see it yourself. I am saving the world today, one square inch at a time.

What the hell are you doing?

All photos were pilfered from this fantastic article, it really is worth a quick read.
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