Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Buh Bye Summer

Rudds! is it already closed for the season? I feel like Rudds has single handedly cut off Summer. Like a pissed off girlfriend. Is it really closed? has Rudds given us all summer blue balls??

Or is Rudds just playing hard to get?

When does the Holyoke Public Library start Fall hours? I hate the summer hours. They close at like 6 pm. I like to take my kids there during the school year once or twice a week and do our homework together. I find we all get more done when we are away form the distractions of home.

What else happens in Holyoke to tell us that summer is over and winter is about to come and laugh at us as we shovel out our driveways?

By the way.. does anyone else find the shape of Holyoke to be.. rude?


Anonymous said...

oh, I was wondering why most of the people in Holyoke are dicks. It's the layout of the city.

Joey B said...

It's funny, before I got to that part of the blog I was thinking it looked a little phallic myself.

Anonymous said...

LOL! It looks a bit shriveled in the scrotal area.

VanDog said...

O-My! We have all become quite the potty mouths the past few days.

Reduce, I want to thank you for chiming in on the Palin story. I'm sure your not normally in the habit of repeating yourself, but I value differing opinions, especially from a woman on this issue.

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