Friday, January 23, 2009


This blog…

Is easily one of my favorites. It is not about Holyoke. I have no idea where the blogger lives but I am sure it is not Holyoke. She’s not especially green and her pics are often full of plastic items.

But I love this blog.

She takes fantastic photos. Mostly of her children, sometimes of bathroom mirrors, pies or pretty scenery. Once she posted about peeing in a jug and carrying it around and I laughed for ages after wards. I never comment at her blog or even read others comments and her bog has none of my interests in it but still.. You should look, even if just to admire her photography skills.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Twofer Tuesday, plus 3.

Does anyone else think Miss Mass looks like a starving refugee? Can someone please give her a cheese burger?!


1. What the hell is with snow days and delays and people in New England freaking out about the weather? The last snow storm I recall being so bad that you couldn’t drive in it was in the 1990’s and I am a pretty timid driver!

I get the safety thing, I really do. Busses have no seat belts; kids have to walk to the bus stop. But.. Didn’t we all do it as kids? I not only walked in the snow but I have to take a Public Bus when I was 9! Both ways. (I sound like my grandmother.) We are raising a generation of fearful people. While I do not want to put my kids in any danger.. I do not want them to be afraid of the world. If you live in the northeast then wet and cold and icy weather IS your world.

If the buses are delayed why must the kids who are driven and/or walk have to be delayed? Can’t the delay be optional? Like.. Ok all the buses will be two hours late but for those of you who have to work to feed your kids can still drop them off at the normal time so that you do not have to drive 40 minutes to go to work, bringing your children with you and then turn around an hour and half later and drive your kids 40 minutes back to school, then drive 40 minutes back to work effectively wasting your entire morning and having to cancel 2 meetings and leave a co worker in the lurch.

Yea, I did. Thanks.

And now you know tomorrow will be a snow day so my kids will be coming to work with me for the day AGAIN. I am so lucky I can do that, seriously, so very lucky. My kids will behave and all but you know.. That’s really the kind of thing that I do not want to abuse.

Side note: One of the traveling guys just walked in here and asked where I was yesterday. Apparently he stopped by to see me while I was making that trip back to the school. It just gets better and better.

If there is no school Wednesday there will be no Zumba!

2. Holyoke. I love you Holyoke. I found a new apartment in Holyoke that’s big and nice and in a good area and the landlord is already a friend of ours. There are kids there that go to school with my kids too. Those of you have I talked to the last few years know of the housing hell we have gone though, from living in downtown to living in a foreclosure. It’s been one big disappointment after another. Keep your fingers crossed for me! It is so hard to find a decent apartment in Holyoke. People either want absurd rents (1250 a month for a one bedroom in the highlands? Really?) or they are back downtown. I am so glad we don’t have to look outside Holyoke.

Bonus! It looks like our trip to Florida to see my grandparents is still on, yay!

p.s I am still putting off buying that phone, I want to see if I wait long enough I will get over my phone lust or it will get cheaper!

P.P.S. Why do I have to play a dollar to go to my kids CYO games? I already paid enough in freaking registration fees and I buy the cruddy food. What does my dollar go to? I had to pay it at all the schools.. I don’t mind so much at Guadalupe.. but Holy Name really doesn’t need my Holyoke bucks as much as say.. Holyoke does.
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