Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I heart POM

Pom Wonderful is best known for those funky fat hourglass shaped bottles in the produce section of Stop and Shops and Big Y. While I always admired the bottle (Which seriously was kind of sexy looking) I cannot stand straight up Pomegranate juice, blech. So imagine my joy when just last week I popped across there newest product.. Pom Tea! My Stop and Shops only carry three flavors.. Pomegranate Lychee green tea, Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea and Pomegranate Blackberry. According to the Pom website


They have several other deeelish flavors. I will be sending them (and Stop and Shop) a quick note to let them know I would be simply orgasmic if they could expand their selection in my local area. I would bet Whole Food or possibly Trader Joes carries them but those are both 40 minutes away and thus I only shop up there once a month.. mostly for the Hummus and Fage and soy chips. Trader Joes rocks. Anyway.. Where was I?

Oh right, the letter!

Dear Stop and shop,

I shop at my local Stop
and Shop between two and five times a week and spend an average of 500 dollars a
month in your stores. That figure is on the rise now that I have discovered the
wonderful Pom Teas in the produce section. I am writing to ask if you might soon
be carrying more flavors of the tea? According to the Pom website they have
light Tea as well with half the calories and different flavors.

Also, is there any chance you will be expanding your natural foods
section and selections any time soon? I primarily shop at the **edited** street

Thank you,

And to Pom.

Dear Pom,

I am writing to compliment you on the Pom Tea's I recently
discovered in my local Stop and Shop. I love the size of the drink and the fact
that it is nearly plastic free. Is there any chance you will be getting rid of
the plastic film on the product any time soon? My family and I are trying to
greatly reduce our plastic waste this year.

I also noticed on your
website that you have several more flavors than my local distributor carries, so
I have written to them as well about expanding their selection. Is it possible
for a consumer to order directly from you? And do you ever have coupons?

Kudos on a great product!

Thank you

Hopefully I will get replies and let you know how that goes. Now I just need to know what to do with all these six and half inch tall narrow glass bottles. I mean.. how many glasses slash vases can one woman have before it becomes a serious problem? :o)

And before I forget in my area (North of nowhere) a 13.5 fluid ounce bottle is 1.99. Its two servings, each serving has 16 grams of sugar (I avoid sugar but 16 grams isn’t TOO bad, though it could be lower.) No protein which kind of sucks cause I don’t eat much and I like to only ingest things that I need. 18 carbs.. bad carbs, bad! 5 mgs of sodium, and I don’t worry about sodium since we never salt our food. 70 calories.. Not bad! And no fat or trans fats. So while its not .. well straight up good for you water.. it’s certainly going to do you more good then harm. Plus its jam packed with anti oxidants! Those bad boys kick some butt!


monday (amanda) said...

hey i wonder if you could maybe put some of that special k2o protein powder stuff in it to give it a little "oomph"? you know what i'm talking about? i've found three different flavors so far (strawberry kiwi, tea and pink lemonade) and they're all really good. anywho, i'd like to try these so i'm going to keep an eye out for them in my neighborhood. thanks! ;~)

Granola Girl said...

Heya, I hate the K2O stuff, blech! lol but YOU should try it!

Melanie Rimmer said...

Sounds yummy. I'm pretty sure they're not available in the UK, although pomegranate is very trndy right now so maybe it will come soon.

I wouldn't worry about the protein. Not everything you consume has to be a complete balanced meal. That would be weird. If I was you I'd get your protein from food - meat if you eat it, dairy if you eat that, or beans and grains. I wouldn't want to mix protein powder in my tea for protein - but maybe that's just me.

Frugal Finds said...

Hey, Maybe you will get a few coupons for free ones!!! I think there is a good chance! Companies love to get letters with compliments! Keep us posted on their reply's!!
Thanks for the link to your blog!!

Granola Girl said...

Hi Melanie!I eat a ton of beans for my protien. Monday and I both are concerned with what we eat. Probably a whoel lot more concerned then others :o)

And hey, I'll try anything once! I think we ruin tea over here in America anyway.

Thanks for popping over!

Granola Girl said...

Hi Carol!

I'm so glad you came by! Your the inspiration for my CVS obsession lol. By the way.. with my extra bucks I just got a tracphone (plastic laden hunk of badness) so my kids can reach me during my very long commute for.. 7 bucks!

And yea, I'm forever sending off nice notes to companies I like and getting coupons back. I tend to buy generic when I can but some things just have no equal. Im going though one Tea a day.. thats 2 bucks a day, 14 bucks a week 56 bucks a month and 730 a year! So bring on the coupons!

Feh23 said...

FYI, Pom has stopped making those awesome glass bottles for their juice/tea blend. Now they're in crummy, and pretty much unreusable, plastic bottles.


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