Monday, January 28, 2008

Be Prepared

Many of you might not be that familiar with the Boy Scouts of America and I wasn't either until just last year when Little Guy wanted to become a cub scout. Out of boredom at those meetings my Big Guy wanted to join the Boy Scouts.

And thus our lives were forever changed. No, seriously. Scouting is a huge commitment not just on the boys parts but on the parents as well. In my case.. that means me.

I didn’t mention it last week but Little Guy earned his bobcat badge and during the small simple ceremony I was called up to my surprise and red faced embarrassment. Little Guy had to pin me with a matching small bronze pin. It's on my purse now and I am extremely proud of it!

Big Guy went camping with his troop this weekend and came back Sunday dirty, stinky and tired. Just in time to wash up for an Eagle Scout banquet.. What a huge deal! Two state senators came, the mayor, the pope wrote him a letter as did the speaker of the state house and some other political figures spoke on the boys behalf. I cried a little, I admit. it was all very moving. When he pinned his mother and father, thanking them for all the help and support they had given him I wondered if I have it in me to support my boys all they way to Eagle Scout. I intend too. I know it will be a super pain in my ass now and then but I intend too. Being an Eagle Scout is like sticking your foot in the door to any college or job you want and being able to shove the door open a little wider.

I am already planning how to come up with the money for the boys eagle banquets and I have 7 years to go for Big Guy and 9 for little guy!
I mentioned this to an internet friend of mine, Fonce, yesterday and again to a mother at the party yesterday. It's sticking with me even today and has given me a lot to think about. What I said was this.. I can raise my boys to be fine young men, I can teach them right form wrong and how to be good and kind and smart and recycle. How to treat a woman on a first date, how to use the oven.. But I cannot possibly teach them how to be regular guys. I can't teach them to throw their stinky socks around and watch football on Sunday with their friends while throwing popcorn at each other. I cannot even hope to teach them the secrets of boys, the codes of men. And I don't want too. Since my ex-husband in more interested in fighting with his cheating girlfriend then hanging out with his sons.. I am hoping that scouting will help my little men become annoying, bothersome, pain in the ass men someday.

Preferably after they have moved out.

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-$ean- said...

I was a boy scout and im pretty sure my mother thinks im annoying, you've done the right assured...

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