Thursday, January 24, 2008

How to make your own yogurt and save the world.

Ok , so maybe you're not saving the world, but Beth from over at Fake Plastic Fish (A must read blog, especially for the fantastic photos she has up of her trip to Hawaii to fix her hair dryer.. see, now your curious) brought up a really good point abut making your own yogurt. I do make my own fage (thick Greek yogurt with a wallop of muscle building protein) But I have never tried to make my own regular 10 o’clock snack yogurt to reduce my use of yogurt containers. Because while I have given up my morning Dunkin Donuts coffee and opted for making coffee at work every morning and I have given up all forms of plastic wrap, plastic bottles and any beverage in a plastic bottle, I am not quite ready to let go of my yogurt. The 8 minutes when I shut my office door and slowly eat my yogurt are way too precious to me!

Baby steps, people! :o)

Maybe the best way to reuse my containers is to simple refill them with my own yogurt. It can’t be any harder then making fage, right?

Yogurt Recipes

And my favorite recipe for Fage!

I’m going to try making some regular yogurt this weekend. Classes start up again for me Friday and the kids have a boy scout trip and I have a lunch date with a very dear old friend. But maybe I will forgo sleep for yogurt, sleep is overrated.

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Looking forward to your results!


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