Friday, March 6, 2009

Things I would like to know..

1. Why are all the lights along High St missing the delay between red for one street and green for the next? Why?!

2. Why did the Holyoke School Dept close down Lawrence to ‘save money’ and then not move there but still pay to heat and light the entire building? Hmm?

3. Why did Lisa Lavoie have mens jeans and greasy hair on her ‘perp walk’ into the Holyoke Police Department? Doesn’t West Virginia have showers? Are her clothes being saved as evidence? Does she actually dress like that? … that would explain a lot though, wouldn’t it?

4. Why doesn’t the McDonalds downtown pick up its freaking trash? And smile when I drive though. I love your new Mochas. You are single handedly destroying my illusions of being a health food nut. At least smile as I pay you to crush my dreams.

5. Why did the shop guy just hand me a dirty invoice? They have soap over there, I know because I bought it for them. Can no one take a hint?

6. On a happier note Kashi has instant oatmeal that is not overly sweetened and has 9 grams of protein a serving! Yay! And my boys will be taking a Yoga class Saturday morning with me, I kind of want to just watch and take pictures of them in Warrior pose, then frame them for their adorableness. Mike, don’t tell them I blogged about that!

7. Sunday is supposed to be delicious outside, I hope it won’t be too muddy to go walk around Mt Tom! Anyone want to come?

p.s. The best play ever a few posts back was West Side Story. I need to hunt down a new copy on Ebay.


HeisRN said...

I won't squeal.

I was actually thinking of walking one or both of my beasts up there this weekend (dogs, not the kids)(although I may take the kids too!)

bugink said...

answer to #4....because it is free advertisement, think of all those cups, bags and wrappers as little mini sidewalk billboards.

b said...

Don't give Rotten Ron any more of your $$$! We taught our kids that McDonalds is actually a chain of roadside restrooms that just happens to sell 'food' made out of ground up diseased animals...and the 'food' is prepared and sold to you by people making minimum wage scarring their bodies with grease burns from the french fries while some rich white dude gets even richer.


Holyoke needs a good place for coffee...Some mornings I would pay ANYTHING for a decent soy latte.

Reducing in HM said...

Well B, you’re actually right. Have you read fast Food nation? It’s pretty nasty what’s in that food. .. It is also in school lunch, did you know?

A month or so ago they gave away free lattes (They have soymilk, I get it in mine) as a promotion and I like free so I tried one.. Actually three, they were THAT good. I think they put crack in them. I only go on Fridays now though because I can't afford them any more often then that.

We have to pick and choose our causes and why. I hate fast food and cheap crap from China but I consume both for various reasons. I wish life were really as simple as 'never eating fast food again' or 'never shopping at Wal-Mart again'. But it isn't.

I am at peace with getting a latte there on Friday mornings. At least the cup is recyclable!

When there is alternative place to get a soy mocha latte on Friday mornings that is on my way to work I will be the first one in line.. Provided it is less then 5 bucks. :o)

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