Monday, March 23, 2009

So rude.

Dear rude woman,

Sometimes I wish I had raised my kids differently. When you said excuse me to my son as he and his friends sat on the curb at the parade he politely squished over against his friend to let you get by. But you didn’t go by.. You sat your oversized McDonalds eating ass right next to him and THEN proceeded to yank your snotty smelly kid in the 2 inches of space between you and my polite son. He still didn’t say anything, he just moved over more, squishing himself against his friend. When his friend’s mother pointed out that “He was sitting there.” You said.. and I quote.. “Well you ain’t moving my fucking kid.” Classy.
“Ain’t’ is not a proper word and using the f word just shows your gross lack of intelligent vocabulary.
My kid, the polite kid, got up and stood. His friends did too and you moved right into the space. Then you proceeded to try and stop the marchers to take photos of them with your kid. Lady.. It is not –your- parade, it is our parade.. stop screwing it up.
Then.. then! You told your kids to dump out the drinks they did not like and throw their cups on the ground.. now the sidewalk. Where people were sitting, was wet. Nice job. And covered in your McDonalds trash. I really hope you are not from Holyoke.
People like you make me wish I had raised my kid to be a little bit ruder. You know.. kind of like you and your kids. Good job.

Mother with manners.


Jeffrey Byrnes said...

There was sheer rudeness and a lack of civility during the parade yesterday. I had the pleasure of standing next to Peter and hearing some woman complain about damn near everyone who walked by us. She was shorter than us and was throwing a fit because we were standing in front of her shooting the parade and all that jazzy stuff. So I know what you mean about rude. Rude also came in the form of a firearms yesterday. See Peters photos for a better understanding.

HeisRN said...

Little one feeling better?

We missed the parade because mom and MJ were still ill. CC was OK with missing it, as I wasn't in top form either.

Always next year.......

Tony said...

Wow, that was pretty pushy and rude. But it sounds like you did the right thing and not blown it up into a bigger deal. Don't worry, life (karma) will get her, if it hasn't already...

VanDog said...

Sorry you had a bad spot Reduce. You should never feel put out by asking for a spot up front, for you or your kids. That rude woman will get what she deserves in life.

I didn't pay much attention to the groaning woman standing behind us since I sat down on the pavement with the kids. The only time I got right up in her way was when Jeff spotted the police going into action.

Reducing in HM said...

I am really glad the police caught the whack job before anything awful happened. It always takes years for Holyoke to recover from parade day shenanigans.

Thanks, Mike, everyone is feeling better, sorry you didn't go camping!

Tony! I think I met you at Vega Yoga the other day. Karma will come when her children turn that craptastic attitude around on her and she will sit there wide eyed wondering where they got it from.

Peter, I loved your pictures! You had a good spot. I was not actually there, I had a paper to write about the violence in fairy tales and why they are good for children. My oldest one was the one this happened too. He and his friends filled up my kitchen all trying to tell me at once what had happened. I was glad to know that not only my kid was polite but all of his friends held their tongues too. What bothered them the most, oddly, was that she kept trying to stop people in the parade!

Alexander said...

hey. thought you might like this story

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Egads...right up there with the mothers who act like they're mad about everything even if nothing has really happened to make them mad.
-- GET over here.
-- CARRY this!
-- Stop playing with THAT!

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