Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tech. Dif.

One sick kid
Two essays on the effects of early slavery on todays economy
One story for 7 year olds
Two midterms that I have no time to study for
One fire in the attic
Two essays comparing poems for children and creative elasticity in childrens toys
One large bottle of Tylenol PM
Two dollars in my pocket

Me: Does my hair look like I brushed it?
Kid 1: You brush your hair?

Boss: So I took your advice and broke up with my girlfriend instead of cheating on her.
Me: Good for you! I think.. how did that go?
Boss: Well, I broke up with her via text message.
Me: ................

Me: I am have Thai pasta for lunch, 150 calories.
Erin: I can't eat pasta.
Me: This is GOOD for you pasta, it's rice noodles.. look.
-I took photos of my lunch with my phone and e-mailed them to her-
Erin: I don't know who is dorkier, you for sending me pics of your lunch or me for downloading them.
Me: -busy eating my pasta-

I stopped taking my iron pills and have been feeling like a truck ran me over.. I still have the Mi Plaza and Mt Tom pics to post but I can't find the stupid cable for my camera. My laptop has a sim card slot though so as soon as I get a chance I will try and upload them that way. I am dreading the parade.. I hope it isn't cold out.


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely dorkier, I've decided. I actually saved your lunch pictures to my desk top.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

mmm pasta! Sounds like a good lunch. Break ups via text are more common that people think. Its easier to write something out than it is to say it to someone. Its a lot less brave way of facing the situation. Its almost a cowards away.

HeisRN said...

Son no.1 or no.2? My son no. 1 has the flu. We may not be camping. He'll be teed at me :)

Pasta? and I don't rate pix?


Reducing in HM said...

Erin, I will be sending you pics of my homemade pad thai today, your so jealous, I know. I topped it with home made greek yogurt.

Jeffery. My boss is a coward and already on to the next poor dumb blond.

Mike, the younger one was sick as a dog, still has a gross wet cough. Were skipping camping this weekend too but not for any real good reason. Hope he feels better soon!

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