Friday, March 20, 2009

Just saying..

I borrowed this from a newsletter I get. I'm not screaming my opinion, just sharing something to think about. Can any of us really stand to be spoon fed political propaganda?

A global warming science update, which can be summarized in seven short words – It is much worse than we thought.
Public opinion, which finds that a record 41% of the American people think the threat of global warming is being exaggerated.
• Economist Nicholas Stern believes that without urgent action, we could be committing ourselves to a planetary increase of four to six degrees Centigrade.
• Even at a more modest four degree rise, Stern predicts that 85% of the Amazon rainforest will be destroyed, leading to catastrophic shortages of fresh water and mass failures of food harvests. As many as half of all species on Earth may become extinct.
• A 2009 peer-reviewed study published in Science concludes that the planetary effects of Antarctic ice melt could lead to wildly uneven sea level increases. In the Northern hemisphere sea level increases as high as 21 feet may threaten New York, London, and Tokyo with total inundation -- creating tens of millions of refugees.

Denial and Deceit -- The Opposition
You'd think this terrifying wave of discoveries would galvanize all of us to take drastic action today.
Instead, we are witnessing an unprecedented propaganda blitz by polluters and global warming deniers to stop legislation and confuse the public. Consider these few highlights of what they're up to:
• They are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in lobbying, political contributions alone -- with hundreds of millions more in paid ads.
• The number of lobbyists working to block global warming action has increased 300% in recent years, according to the Center for Public Integrity.
• They've landed an army of talking heads on the political talk shows to drive the debate among the Beltway crowd. Their message is as simple as it is false. A cap on global warming pollution is a "hidden energy tax" (which it is not) and that "we can't afford to act in the current economic crisis" (which is not true).


bugink dinky doodle said...

sing it sister...

(we are doomed)

HeisRN said...

Sorry HM

I am in the "stop pushing the cult of global warming, please" group.

We'll have to agree to disagree.

And why are you quoting an economist and not an environmentalist?

bugink dinky doodle said...


Reducing in HM said...

It's not a cult. A cult is A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner.

I recycle, not stockpile guns :o)

The economy and the enviroment are linked. All I am pointing out is that you can't believe everything you see and hear.

HeisRN said...

Have to disagree - Al Gore starteed this new religion.

And I have taught my kids to swim and to shoot. So if ew flood, they can tread water, if it's anarchy, they'll defend themselves.

(One can never own too many firearms)

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