Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sauce, I makes it.

Less then a week until School starts. Is anyone NOT excited? Well, besides kids. We met the kids new teachers this week already and I already know of them, she is fantastic and just pushy enough to keep my little guy on his toes.

Gas is still at 3.56 at my local Stop and Shop, plus 10 cents off every time i spend 50 bucks in the store. How sad is it that i think that's cheap!

Big Y has local tomatoes on sale this week for a dollar a pound, yay! I'm thinking about picking up about 20 pounds and making some yummy pasta sauce for the winter. Opening a canned jar of summer 'mater sauce in january is like crack for your taste buds. Seriously.

Apparently I have nothing really interesting to say today, but I have not yet checked out Masslive. :o)
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