Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Drop at a Time

I'm back! It's been so long since I last posted I am sure I haven't any readers left, in fact I think I can hear a cyber echo in here. Holyoke is much the same, though wetter these days. We had some crazy rain for a weeks and most of my tomato plants keeled over. My peppers are starting to grow though!

Pom, my once favorite juice, has gone over to the dark side and now uses plastic bottles. Their website has a bunch of reasons why, such as it creates less pollution to make plastic bottles as opposed to glass (Can that really be true?!) But ignores the fact that glass can be reused, repurposed and easily recycled. If you leave glass in a landfill it will never turn toxic, it won't kill birds and fish and eventually it will break down. Plastic is forever, like diamonds but less sparkly. I have no favorite juice now AND I am running out of drinking glasses.

My Eco-Kids are doing well and soccer season is on it's way. I am dating a republican social worker... that's actually not a joke either. Ha! We have gotten our weekly trash down to about 2 bags full! The recycle bin is chock full every two weeks. Keep in mind though I hope to eventually only have one bag of garbage and nothing in the recycle bin. Sadly cutting out plastic is extreamly hard for us. Sometimes it's a time issue, as in I don't have time to search for wooden toothbrushes. Sometimes it's a price issue, I can't afford 50 dollar mascara in a metal only tube. And sometimes it's just.. not gonna happen, as in I tried to make my own shampoo but it made my hair feel like microwaved dry 'sgetti. Not pretty.

So I have come to feel that for me it's going to all about doing what I can. I brush my teeth a few times a week with baking soda, but not every day. I use my deodorent rock when it's cooler, but not for the beach. I buy organic foods when I can afford them, but not when the rent is due. I bought a cozy wool sweater to help me keep the heat down this winter. I invested in super warm camping socks for the boys for the same reason. I stopped buying commercial dish soap and sponges and switched to Dr. Bronners and dishrags.

If anyone is still out there.. What small changes have you done?

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VanDog said...

Hey, Welcome back!

Now get out there, and hug those trees!

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