Friday, August 29, 2008


I ran over to Stop and Shop last night to pick up a few things for supper and to use a couple of coupons. I had a rain check for pencils. Anyway, it was one of those rare times when everyone I interacted with at the store was perfectly nice and helpful. The cashier especially was an absolute doll. I had several complicated coupons, my rain check, two free items and my own bags. What's more is that she remembered me and my bags! I use organic cotton string bags and when someone compliments them I immediately whip out a card for this site.
I had given her a card before and she actually checked out the site! yay! The more people that buy these bags, the better. Did you know that for every reusable shopping bag you use at Stop and Shop they take a nickel off your grocery total? It's not much, I know but last night I saved a quarter. If I saved a quarter a week that would be about a dollar a month and 13 bucks a year. For thirteen bucks I can take my kids out for ice cream. Buy an inner tube for their bike; buy myself a small lobster, new make up, a pair of clearance shoes at payless, five cups of coffee at DD or three gallons of gas. Oh, and I earned another 10 cents off a gallon gas which will come in handy if gas jumps again due to Hurricane Gustavo.
The boy who set fire to the parsons Mill in June was found guilty. Being that he is only 13 though we will never know what happens now. Does he go home? Lock up? Foster Care? I hope it's not lock up; kids just come out worse from those places. I say that only because I know it to be true. I worked with those kids. Maybe this case will be different. Who knows?
Fireworks tonight! I'm so glad Holyoke is still having them. The kids and I are going to watch them with the Republican Social Worker and his kids. What are you doing for the fireworks?
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