Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011, please wipe your feet.

Over at Holyoke Home there is a great post about New Years Resolutions and actionable and achievable goals. I wasn't going to commit to any resolutions this year publicly, but after reading that blog post I realized I do have resolutions and telling you you will help me hold myself accountable.

Last year I blogged my resolutions  and I kept most of them. I did learn to make sushi from my friend over at We are All Beasts. I did use less, including getting myself this amazing thing. I did smile more.
I smiled when I replaced my car, when my kids threw me a huge surprise birthday party, when I got the best gift ever from Sutters jewelry and when all the fund raising events I worked on went extra well. I was less judgmental, even when it was really, really hard. I painted and drew and even made some jewelry, I took two art classes. I did let Nick take a girl to the movies. I took compliments better, I think. Maybe.
So this year I will set more goals. Actionable and achievable goals.

I will loose some undefined amount of weight by cutting out the junk that has been creeping back into my life. I will cook more soups instead of buying them in a can for lunch. I won't put feta cheese on my salad (at least not every day) I'll cut back on coffee and cake. I'll stop eating in the car, in a rush. Back to Yoga twice a week and maybe the occasional Zumba class. I'll do one of the dozens of walk run things that are going to help save the world in someones memory.

I will do the Hot Chocolate run in 2011. I will take my vitamins every damn day.

I will listen more and talk less. Really. (...This might be a two year resolution)

I will find a new job that has meaning, even if it means less money. At this new job I will be able to walk to work (unless it's really freaking cold, I hate the cold)

And once again I will keep my chin up, I will not let lifes obstacles throw me. I will get though this year and it will be just as good better then last year. After all, no one drowns from falling in the water...

...they drown by staying there.


Holyoke Home said...

Yeah you! I must tell you - however - that Trader Joe's sells an AWESOME fat free crumbled feta. All the protein and non of the guilt.

So maybe you can scratch that one?

That Library Girl said...

Really? That would be so wonderful. I love sun dried tomatoes and feta on a salad with sesame seeds and balsamic v dressing.

Your such a good friend! :O)

bugink said...

1. sushi rolling is a very empowering and life enhancing skill.

2. you can make faux feta out of raw cashews...plant based and better for you!

3. Appetite for Reduction has the most incredible low fat balsamic dressing. I tested it this summer. I think I am going to make some this week....I'll bring you some.

That Library Girl said...

There is a balsamic that I LOVE that's fat free but it is 7 bucks a bottle. I still buy it, of course, but I feel so bad about it when i make my kids cheapo pasta so I can have my fancy fat free dressing.

In other words, yes please! I'd love to try it, thanks Rach!

Also: I loved your painting. Made me go 'Awwww' out loud.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

I feel the best resolutions are the realistic goals we set for ourselves. The ones we know we can accomplish through thick and thin. I believe if you want something hard enough, you will obtain it. Seize every day and take that day as a chance to make one positive contribution after another. "What can I do today, that will make me more successful." Happy New Year Christine, 2011 is going to be great, because youre going to make it great.

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