Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'd love to call you sometime

Why do men ask for a womans number and then not call? Seriously. I admit it, it's bothering me. And what you said.. Was that a line? Because it freaking worked, I can't stop wondering what in the hell you were talking about. I swear to god I was 13 the last time I saw you. So what kind of first are you even talking about? If you had called, I would have asked. I hope this isn't like when I was 13 and it took you like 2 months to call and say Happy Birthday.


Alexander said...

Was that a line? uh duh, and one of the best I've heard of in a long time. If seducing a woman is about occupying a part of her mental territory, this guy is storming your barricades. Two weeks later and your still thinking about him every day.

He may not have been your first but he will be your next.

Reducing in HM said...

-grumble- it has only been a week and a half.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your number was a trophy, in his little black trophy case.
Or maybe it was washed in the back pocket of his blue jeans.

Regardless, don't fret, mumble, or grumble. There is still time yet.

Happy Holidays.

Reducing in HM said...

Hi Steven. I think he chickened out once he realized how incredible I am and he got all intimidated.

Works for me!

Glad to see you blogging agian!

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Of course he chickened out!!! What other reason would he have?

Speaking on behalf of most men, If a woman gave me her number I would at least make it a point to give her a call 1. to hear her voice and 2. to ask her to dinner, after all women only give a number to a guy if they are really interested in them. Thats just my thought though.

Anonymous said...

Good night!

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