Monday, December 29, 2008

For an Eternity

I have been obsessing over this new phone…The Samsung Eternity. It has a 3.2 mega pixel camera. I really don’t know what that means exactly but I know it’s GOOD. I played with it in the store, the pics are incredible. Yes this is what’s important to me in a phone. That it works, takes pics, and has a reminder feature and stores numbers with pictures.

Anyway if I add a line its 9.99 a month for 550 minutes shared (way more then enough, I don’t use the hone much) and my kids can have my pink phone. For when they are away from me, they can’t take it to school or anything.

The cost of the phone is about 200 in store then I get a 50 dollar rebate in the mail. I checked three AT&T stores and this is the best deal I have found so far.

I don’t need this phone, my pink phone works fine, and it just takes crappy pics and has no key board so texting is a pain. The Eternity has a QWERTY keyboard. It’s a touch screen; you can use the touch screen with gloves on. I don’t have to sign up for a huge ass data package (Like with the iphone.) And yes I know it’s an iphone copy.. I just don’t care. I want it.

I am going to buy it on Friday.

Consumerism is alive and well. -Sigh- But I did my research.. I want this phone! It has 3g! I don’t know what that is but I want it. Look!

Also called the SGH-A867, the black-and-chrome Eternity has a 3.2-inch display with haptics vibrating feedback, Samsung's TouchWiz interface, and an accelerometer. Inside you'll find support for AT&T Mobile TV, GPS, a 3-megapixel camera, messaging and e-mail, Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, AT&T's Video Share, a full HTML browser, 3G connectivity, a speakerphone, and organizer options. The Eternity is $149.99 with a two-year contract.

Does the SD slot mean I can take pics and then use the SD card to print them out?

key specifications
• Camera Resolution : 3.0 Megapixel
• Video recording : Video recording
• Music Player : MP3 Player
• Mobile TV : AT&T Mobile TV
QWERTY keyboard
The Eternity™ has a unique onscreen QWERTY keyboard you can access in landscape or portrait mode (or even switch between the two). In either mode, the Eternity™ lets you type as fast as you talk.
3.0 mega pixel camera
With a full 3.0 megapixels, the SAMSUNG Eternity™ will shoot beautiful pictures every time. There’s also a digital zoom, brightness control and camcorder that shoots videos of up to one hour long.

Video review!

The good: The Samsung Eternity has an attractive design with a intuitive touch-screen interface. It offers a solid assortment of multimedia features and good call quality. It also has impressive battery life.
The bad: The Samsung Eternity's virtual keyboard isn't available when entering message recipients. It lacks a camera flash, Wi-Fi and voice dialing and the 3G connectivity could be stronger.
The bottom line: The Samsung Eternity succeeds as a multimedia device, but without Wi-Fi and full e-mail support, it stops well short of being a business-friendly device.
Specifications: Band / mode: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900 ; Talk time: Up to 300 min ; Combined with: With digital camera

Pictures taken with the Eternity..
I tried to post them but they are huge.

And a message board

See, Alex? At least I am a smart consumer.. ist.


Jeffrey Byrnes said...

3.0 Mega pixels is good for a cell phone. The higher the mega pixel the larger and better quality the photo will be.

I say go with the I PHONE!!!! same price as the Eternity! The I Phone would be such a great investment. If I wasnt stuck with Verizon I would own one.

Reducing in HM said...

Hi Jeffrey! The iphone is 50 dollars more for the 8gb one and AT&T requires you to have a 30.00 a month data plan on it, blah.

Sadly I just paid my cable bill and if I buy the Eternity this week I will be cutting into my Flordia plan ticket saving!

I need a consumer bailout.

VanDog said...

This is a good phone for you since you don't want the $30-month data package with the iPhone. I don't get my moneys worth from my iPhone since I'm on the wifi at home most the time.

The Micro SD is a small version of an SD card, about the size of your fingernail, that slides into an SD Card adapter to interface with your PC's card slot, if you have one. One gig is good for about 600 pics at 3 mega pixels.

Of coarse you can put other media like audio and video on the card for transfer to and from your PC as well, so I would go with a 2 or 4 Gig card. Shop carfully, shipping may cost more than the card from Amazon.

Reducing in HM said...

Thanks Dog! So how would I print out the pics from the phone?

VanDog said...

I don't think you can print directly from the phone. You'll have to take the Micro SD card, containing your photos, out of the phone, and use the SD adapter to get them into your computer. If you don't have an SD Card slot in your computer you can get a USB adapter.

Confused yet?

Reducing in HM said...

-finishes coffee first-

I can e-mail pics to myself from the phone, like a text message, thats no problem. So I guess I will have to eventually buy a photoprinter, or burn them to CD and bring the CD to CVS to make prints.. This isn't a big deal, I dont actually want hard copies of too many pics.

I was thinking this morning though.. If I get a new phone.. can I keep my number? Or do I have to get a new number? Why can't this be as simple as buying a new corded phone in 1984!

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Most companies will allow you to keep your phone if you switch providers. I did not know about the extra $30.00 a month fee for the data plan.

If you do have a mini sd card for the phone or it can take one. What you can do is just get a usb card reader that accepts mini sd's upload it like you would any other memory card, save them, print them in any program you would normally use. Or the alternative is to take the mini sd to cvs or walgreens and see if they can use that memory card. They should have a card reader that would hold the mini sd card in it and then allow it to be slotted into the computer.

Keep an eye out for a post on lenshare about consumer photo printers. Printers for the little guy or the novice photographer.

Amy said...

like the other guys mentioned--3mp is good for a camera phone--don't email/text the pics to yourself or you will lose what quality you gained by having a higher megapixel ratio, use the SD card. also, 3G refers to internet settings/speeds--if you're not getting some sort of data plan then it's a mute feature for you...though may be nice if you should choose to add one in the future.

you keep your same number from one phone to the next--I believe AT&T uses a sim card so you would simply remove it from the old phone and place it in the new one to activate it. you should hold onto your old phone if it's not broken--should something ever happen to this one you can still use the older one.

Reducing in HM said...

Thanks Amy! I did not know that about the pics or the 3g. More internet stuff I might add later on, right now though I would stick with the small data package I have.

The old phone would become my kids phone for things like when we go to six flags or camping. I don't want them having a 'social' phone but it woudl be great for things like that. Anytime I have to leave them somewhere.

I am going to keep trying to put it off, because this is a purely selfish purchase. I put it off this week and I think i can put it off next week too. Maybe it will be a valentines gift to myself. Who needs romance? I want gadgets! lol

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