Friday, March 14, 2008

Off the Rolls

I hope I have been at least moderately missed. In the time I have been away we have moved, lost all the state aid we used to get (Which is both a great thing and a scary thing) rekindled my oldest and most dear friendship and worked my ass off.

The new house is mostly great. It’s old and cold and drafty and needs so much work. Like the bizarre hanging THING in the dining room and the spots in the kitchen where you can see down between the wood floor and SEE the basement. Or how the guy upstairs is using the driveway as a car lot.

On the other hand we have a lovely yard, plenty of room to garden and a fantastic deck. We have so much more room and so many great windows. We have the huge basement (when it is not flooded) and a place for the washer and dryer. I love the living room. And I might talk to the guy upstairs about maybe helping me find a cheaper more fuel efficient car. I have a good car now but as gas hikes up.. I want to go even smaller.. a little rice burner maybe! Heh.

Life has changed recently for us. We no longer get that 400 bucks in food stamps each month (We never could spend it all) but I really don't have an extra 400 bucks to replace that so while I have ALWAYS been frugal with food money I now need to cut that four hundred.. into about 200 a month.. meaning yes.. fifty bucks a week to feed a family of three a healthy, mostly organic diet.

Stop snorting.

I have in recent weeks discovered the CVS GAME (Thanks Frugal Friend!) and tonight I am going to make my first Walgreens trip armed with coupons. I also ordered the Sunday paper to start being delivered, I love having it right there each morning! And I have started cooking ahead more. Big Y is awesome for meats with the buy one get two sales! Tomorrow we are going to the evil giant that is Wal-Mart and buying a chest freezer. I shopped around and it is the only place were I can afford one. I also added a ton of new links to the list, check them out!

Not much else is new. The boys start baseball soon, I aced my midterms, work is.. Well it’s there every day and for that I am grateful.

I hope your all well!

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