Saturday, March 31, 2018

Dear paper cup,

I often speak/text into the void/paper cup. I don’t actually mind that the disembodied-vaguely interested voice rarely replies. It does when I need them too. Mostly. 

Dear paper cup,  does my hair look ok today? People keep asking if I colored it. I haven’t touched up my greys since last Christmas. Do I look ok? 

Dear paper cup, I’m super bored this weekend and that’s never a good idea. Help? 

Dear paper cup, do you have a pair of pliers? I screwed up building my ikea table, natch. 

Dear paper cup, inspire me to go get quarters to do laundry. You’re gonna have to work hard at this. 

Dear paper cup, tomorrow is Easter and I have no plans which makes me sad. However at least this way I won’t break three bones in my foot while carrying a kale quiche. Mmm kale quiche. 

Dear paper cup, I’m renaming my blog for you! You lucky cup. 

Dear paper cup, your empty. Someone should fill you up. But with water, not alcohol. 
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