Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 listical!

Hello, hello!

First, I’ve been sad. So sad. Tonight however, I was reminded how good people can be. I stopped at a local MickyDs to pee and ran into my sons bandmate whose van was stuck in the ice. His mom was trying to chop it away. Mind you it’s like 3 degrees here. So I stopped and rummaged in my trunk for anything to help. Finally I went inside and asked them to bring out some salt. A few strangers stopped and helped us rock and push the van out of the ice. Everyone cheered and hugged. I felt genuinely happy and connected. I needed that.

My hands are freezing.

It’s New Year’s Eve and you know what that means! One of my very favorite things.

A listicle!

Things I want for 2018.

1. Drink less
2. Go camping at the beach. Ideally with the boys and friends but alone is okay too.
3. Get a haircut
4. Sing aloud more
5. Let go and let god
6. Just kidding, god doesn’t know I exist
7. Be in the moment
8. Just enjoy the bubble
9. Dance naked under a full moon.
10. Spend more brunches with Rachel
11. Return those damn student loan calls.

And 12? Start writing down all the autobiographical short stories in my head and make a book. (Thanks Maura for the encouragement)

13. Blog more, it’s like free theray
14. On that note go to therapy more.
15. Get in the car one Friday afternoon and drive somewhere by accident and don’t return till Sunday.

And some oldies I am still working on

16. Learn to freaking sew.
17. Make more art no matter how shitty
18 . Get a tattoo or two
19. Fix my nose piercing
20. Love more freely and unconditionally
21. Be more adventures.
22. Wear my glasses every day.

Ps. I posted this on my phone, fingers crossed it’s not all wonky looking. 

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