Friday, July 2, 2010

Dating 2.0

A rainbow seemed a good choice to begin this post with. Hopeful, bright and colorful. 

Lately I have been really busy so it may seem like the worst time ever to be thinking about dating but, it turns out that when I am busy ... I think about it the most. It would be nice to have someone to talk to at 11 pm when I am finally done with the day. Also, it would be nice to not always be the odd one out. Not that I mind terribly but it would make tables at restaurants more, you know, even.

So I guess the first step is picking a site.
Plenty of fish?

The second step is writing an ad.
This.. could take awhile. Any help would be appreciated!

The last step is choosing some photos.
(thanks to Peter this shouldn't be too hard.)


Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Traditionally I have relied on physically meeting someone before dating took place. This could have been out some where, through a friend, a random place at a random time. However it be, it has always been traditional in terms of how we came to know one another. The work place is a great resource for meeting someone. College also works great for meeting someone new. I have yet to try this online dating thing. When I was studying art at HCC I made a piece, a sculpture. It was a hand held shopping cart, foam heart covered in a map, caution tape on the handle and the idea and metaphor that people are always search for and shopping for love in terms of online dating. People carry their heart around as they shop and search for love. The online world of dating is still weary for me. I, like above mentioned, have yet to try it. I am not sure that I ever will. I also have not found a need to use it thus far either. To me, it seems that it would be one more thing for me to mull over while I am sitting at my computer working. I have heard that it works well for the people that are trying it. If you can make a go for it, I wish you the best. I have heard plenty of fish works well. The entire story behind the founder and how plenty of fish camera around is just as interesting as the entire concept of online dating.

Let me know which one works best for you. Hmmm it could be a great way to network and grow my business. haha I guess I just put thought into it. Oops!

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