Thursday, December 10, 2009

Naked girls.

It seems like last week that Nick was still shorter then me. Actually it very well could have been last week, he grows so.. fast. Sometimes I look over at him at home and my heart flutters in a sort pf panicked way. Every inch is another pull away from my own youth and from his youth.

People keep commenting on how pretty soon he won’t want to talk to me anymore but to those people I thumb my nose. I am pretty sure Nick will always feel comfortable talking to me. Not every child becomes a surly angry teen. I have already laid the groundwork with my children for openness, even when it makes us uncomfortable or angry. My boys know I am always ready to listen.. even when I don’t want too. Even when it is about girls.

The boys are sharing a birthday party this weekend and I ordered a Sponge Bob cake for them.

Nick: You got me a Sponge Bob cake for my 13th birthday?

Me, happily: Yes, you like Sponge Bob.

Nick stares at me, waiting.

I sigh.

Me: Well, what did you want? A cake with swimsuit models on it?

And he grinned.


HeisRN said...

I knew I liked that kid!

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Boys will be boys :) The new site looks great! Havent been on in a few weeks...

That Library Girl said...

Thanks Jeff! I've been posting more lately.

William said...

Ah, the beginning of a lifelong obsession. Let's hear it for naked girls!

Miles Grant said...

I'm VERY OFFENDED by the cake picture, I was not aware this blog was NSFW! Imagine if I'd pulled it up in a library??? We could be in front of the Supreme Court!

Whatever inch you've lost from youth, you've gained a mile of great kids. Quit complaining! :)

That Library Girl said...

Your use of capitol letters properly chastises me for my choice of picture. However, I'm a sassy girl and the boobs win. :o)

If this were a library you would be totally safe. You have an implied constitutional right to poke around dirty blogs and pretend to 'accidentally' stumble across homemade porn.

Today Nick told his Aunt "My mom and I have a good relationship." And then I kicked his teenage ass in Super Smash Bros. for N64.

I do have lovely children! How the eff did that happen?!

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