Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nogs, please!

My baby turns eleven in a few days. I feel my youth shrivel up just a tiny bit when I say that. Since both of my children have birthdays in the next 31 days and Christmas is coming as well, they share a birthday gift. Last year they got a Wii, this year.. well I have no idea yet. They will have a big pizza party together too.

I still try to recognize each childs birthday separately and this year Zaks falls on the day before Thanksgiving. So yesterday we had this brief conversation in the kitchen.

Zak: “Are we doing anything on my birthday?”

Me: “We will have a cake on Thanksgiving but the night before will be really busy, do you mind if we don't?”

Zak: “Ok but can we have eggnog on my birthday?”

Me: “Sure.. really?”

Zak: “Yea! Can you make it? With eggs from the farm? Can you get nogs? Are they expensive?”


Me: “Of course I will get you nogs, I will hunt them down and pay whatever I have too because I love you.”

Nick: scoffs from the next room.

Me: “You shush!”


Parenting means never missing an opportunity to remind your kid why you are the best mother ever.

To that note.. is anyone there?


Maredith said...

Hi there!
I wanted to apologize for Saturday. We were in such a rush to get to New Hampshire that I couldn't chat longer with you at Stop and Shop. I was supposed to be in Portsmouth for 2, and here I am rushing in Stop and Shop to pick up 5 bottles of soda at 12:30 because I refuse to pay $2 for a 20 oz bottle when I can get 2 liters on sale for $.89. lol. How are you doing? I hope all is going well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

That Library Girl said...

Mare! I thought that was you and I had this moment of not being sure so I didn't say much of anything and now I am kicking myself for not hugging you hello!

We are doing really well, thanks. For Thanksgiving I am having a sort of open house day. I'll be cooking a ton of food (and the biggest Turkey EVER) and leaving the door open to anyone who wants to come by for a drink or to say hello or to eat with us. I'd love it if you came by too!

Are you on Facebook?

p.s. My son thought you were really pretty.

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