Saturday, September 5, 2009

Recycled Rambling

Little guys fall allergies are kicking his butt. He just fell asleep at 7:30.

The kids downstairs are firing guns. At least it sounds like they are.

One of my cats keeps trying to eat my hair.

Big guy took off to see the PawSox game and will be gone until tomorrow.

I did not go to Yoga so I could wait for a text and now realize I should have gone to yoga.

I like eating ice cream in the sun even if I can only eat a tiny bit and I feel groggy for an hour afterwards.

I could trade a bath tub for high ceilings.

I can learn how to install shelving.

I need new winter shoes.

I spend to much time on FaceBook.

Kimmy A was an awesome friend to have growing up. I wish we had not grown apart. I wish I had worked harder to keep her.. grounded.

Chip clips are over rated. Yea I did say it!

Pumpkin beer is also over rated.

Librarians are awesome.

You should blog more.

I should enjoy this down time while i have it.

Good Night Blogosphere.
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