Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nice things

Nice things.


"Thank you, for being you."

"That bracelet is really.. you."
(This may not have been nice but I am taking it that way)

"I'm sorry Mom."

"Hi! How are you?" And they really wanted to know.


"I missed you." And I did, I really did.

"I have a quarter." To the woman who was short to pay for her milk in the line before me.

"I'm sorry too."

"You look so pretty today."


To little guy.
I promise to focus more on how incredible you are and less on how much you are not like me. I tend to forget that what I see as imperfections are really the best parts of you that I have yet to understand. You are amazing, even when I don’t see.. maybe mostly when I do not see. I promise to spend more time and energy fostering your love of history and teaching you more about maps.

To big guy.
I promise to explain more. I have reasons for what I say, I always mean well, I always think (or at least hope) I am making the right choice. You did not come with instructions and sometimes you are smarter then I am. Thank you for trying so hard to understand. I will always return the favor.

To me.
I promise to shut up and enjoy it more. All of it. Them, him, you. I promise to worry less and breath more. I promise to say yes more. I promise to share more. I promise to write more poems and maybe let you see them. I promise to let others make mistakes without my attempts to stop them because I know, I know.. you need to make them yourself to understand why I so badly want to stop you.

I promise to be more fancy.. and less fancy all at once.

I promise to walk from my house to downtown at least once in the next seven days. When I get down there, I promise to buy whoever I've dragged with me an ice cream and then sit in the park and listen to all the nice things they have heard and said.

And most of all, in this moment... I promise to let it happen, I promise to hold your hand, I promise not to ask too many 'what if' questions. I promise to love you, all of you.


Joey B said...

I'm not sure if you can handle the fancy bit.

But nice... really sweet.

We'll have to discuss it tonight at the meeting.

Reducing in HM said...

My sweet drival. Thanks.

You're not the only fancy pants in town Joey B.

I think we should discuss you and your obsession with cremated people. I'll buy you a drink.

Holyoke Home said...

Ooooh! Lovely. Thank you for making my brain happy. BTW? Thank you for all your lovely comments. I cannot figure out how to leave comments on my OWN FREAKING BLOG, so I say here: thank you!

Reducing in HM said...

You are welcome! I love your blog, I really do.

I have a hard time commenting on your blog as well. Thats why I have to post as 'christine' form work but can be Reduce from home.

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