Friday, February 27, 2009

Mindless Chatter

Hi! I’m here! How are you? I don’t have a pic for this mish mash post but I do have a pic from the Best Play Ever. Do you know it?

I went to the CRUSH meeting last night after yoga and had a really good time. I ran into a woman I used to work with years ago. I never really spoke to her much then, she was all about following rules and I was all about being lazy.

Lazy is all you get from me for min. wage. Plus my boss was a jerk.

Anyway, turns out she’s good people. I should have made more of an effort to befriend her then. Maybe it’s a sign I should chat with the weird girl I work with now.


The Crush meeting, I was saying, was fun. You should go to one. It’s in the Bungalow, which is just about the neatest little room I have ever seen in Holyoke and while I only actually knew 4 people there, everyone else was super nice. The speakers were nifty too, especially the slides that I didn’t really see because some people are really into themselves and forget the little people, literally, whose view they are blocking.
-ahem- just saying.

I did say Yoga! I recently joined Vega Yoga in Open Square and you should do that too. It’s more then ‘just a yoga studio’ it is a place to sort of.. reconnect with yourself. I don’t know about you, but by the end of my day I am lucky to know where my shoes are let alone my inner quiet.

I have to write a paper this weekend. I am either going to write a short story (Maybe about a girl who is scatterbrained?) or write a more serious review of The Golden Compass (the book, not the crappy film).

Tonight I am going to dance like a fool with Rachel, who looks infinitely cooler then I do, dancing like a fool.

Saturday is Birthday Parties and Basketball, during all of which I will be mentally writing that paper so I can type it up in an hour around midnight.

Sunday is Bubblemania at Holyoke Heritage State park, 2 pm. We have been to that before and it’s a fun little show.

Thanks Peter, for letting me use your phone. I was too embarrassed to have lost my phone in my own purse to even be envious of your model.

Oh! And before I forget, this will either make you laugh or gag.

.. this is why you’re fat.


Jeffrey Byrnes said...

How have you beeeen? it seems like its been years now since your last post, haha. Yea that link was morbidly disgusting. I hope to never see anything like that again.

All the best!

Reducing in HM said...

Hi Jeffrey! It does feel like it's been years. I haven't got much to say lately, too wrapped up in my own little world (And it is pretty little) to be paying much attention to important things. I have papers to write and dishes to wash and new and exciting ways to bend my body.

Luckily (And I really mean that) Basketball season ends this weekend, thank GOD. Soccer doesnt begin till August so I have like 6 whole months to semi relax!

Did you notice my new 10 mp camera? I am so freaking proud of it so lets not burst my happy bubble.

How have you been?

VanDog said...

Your right, some people are totally inconsiderate, and they should have their legs cut off at the knees, forced a wobble about on stumps for punishment.

Glad you enjoyed the Crush meeting. As you could see, I was a bit scatter brained trying to talk to everyone, and get a few photos as well.

Guess who I met yesterday (Sunday) at the Crush Community Conversation group meeting? StephenM!

Reducing in HM said...

Great idea! No one should be so much taller then me! but then.. I think this particular inconsiderate person might like that, it would draw more attention to themselves and they REALLY seem to like attention.

You weren't scatter brained or at least I didn't notice, I was busy trying to fit in and all.

I had one of those unpleasant but must do get togethers yesterday so I couldn't go but.. was that the one at Vega Yoga?

VanDog said...

Yes the Steering Committee, and Community conversation meetings were both at Vega Yoga. Aaron and Debra are such good people. I really enjoy talking with them.

Alexander said...

wait, you got a new camera ? what kind?

Reducing in HM said...

It's just another kodak, I am foolishly brand loyal. But it's a nifty one! It has more features then I have figured out yet and the quality of the pictures has me actually wanting to take pictures.

Speaking of brand loyal, I still have diet coke mostly but lately SOMETIMES I buy a diet Pepsi, it isn't as bad as I thought.

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