Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Tuesday

My boss wears way too much cologne.

Mattresses are entirely overpriced.

I hate having to go to the post office when it’s cold out.

It’s freaking cold out.

I think I look kind of great today.

I think loosing all this weight has inflated my ego.

I have to write a poem about a kiwi.

All my bills are paid and on time this month.

We made pumpkin bread this weekend and it’s already all gone.

I wish Tuesday Scouts was at 6 and not 7.

I wish Alexander was on this coast and not that coast.

I need to get keys made today.

Does the White House use CFLs?

Do you?


VanDog said...

I purchased CFLs for every socket in my house 4 years ago, and learned two things. One - that I did not save a huge amount of money on electric, and Two - that CFLs are no better than incandescent at resisting an HG&E power surge.

Oh one other thing, I no longer have any guilt about leaving a light on.

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