Monday, October 13, 2008


The ren faire was great! We will be going back next Saturday as well. On Sunday we drove over to Chicopee and watched the Toy Run leave form the Wal Fart parking lot. How amazing was that! There had to be abut 500 bikers all with toys driving over to Brightside to distribute the gifts to the residents there. For those of you who do not know.. Brightside is something of a modern day orphanage for troubled youth. We even saw a few people we know. Hey Michael!

After that and an extra long trip to Radio Shack so I could hem and haw about getting a cell phone that like.. works and stuff. (And takes pics.. I want a flicker photo stream so bad!) They kind of laughed at my old cruddy phone. It’s worked forever though and it’s CHEAP! It’s just a little tracfone. We have been thinking about dumping the landline though and just using a cell phone. Here is the math..

I pay about 40 bucks a month for Comcast phone service. And then another 30 bucks a month, on average, for my tracfone. I make almost all of my daily calls from work and rarely use my land line. So why not dump the land line and pay 60 bucks a month for an AT&T cell phone and then I can also email pics to my family without having to lug around my camera and then upload the pics later. I think the average cost will even out so I might not actually save but.. along with dumping the landline.. we might dump cable TV too. It’s crap and we rarely watch it. I will miss some channels though.. Food network, TLC, Discovery, Science channel and the Green Channel.. Oh and BBC. Maybe we could just go back to super basic.. That would include some of those channels still I think.

Anyway so after Radio Shack (I have to THINK for a week before I actually buy the phone and all) we went down to McCray’s Farm. All I have to say is…


Go get some, bring me some too! It was heaven in a hot and crispy waffle cone. There is no better fall moment then that. The little guy got orange pineapple but was not duly impressed. We strolled about the animals, which stank to high heaven and then took a hayride to pick pumpkins. Someone left their trash on the wagon and it nearly ruined my mood. Is that silly? I can’t help it. How hard is it really to throw your shit out? They have cans EVERYWHERE you lazy jerk. Trash on the pumpkin patch is just.. craptacular.

We got great Pumpkins though! Mien was two toned, green and yellow but both super bright. I think it’s actually a gourd. What do you do with a gourd anyway? Can I eat it?

We finished off the day at home making wheat bread form scratch. The price of bread is killing me these days. But this took 4 hours. There has to be a better way. Anyone have any tips on quick cheap whole wheat bread?


Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Thank you for your comment! I would love to have my work used in a marketing, promotional, or even advertising campaign showing Holyoke's beautiful side. How was the toy run by the way? I heard the bikes pass by my house this morning.


VanDog said...

Umm... Pumpkins ARE gourds, and they're all etible.

Reducing in HM said...

Actually I went and googled it. Pumpkins and gourds are in the same family but not the same thing. Gourds are not really edible, but they are useful. If you leave them long enough they will dry out and go hollow then you can made all kinds of nifty things out of them. It's the best part of the whole reduce, reuse and recycle!

Before pottery and what not people often used gourds and they are sometimes know as Natures pottery.

God I love the internet. Oh and last night we hacked up a pumpkin and steamed its flesh for a very very yummy sidedish. I think I am going to can some pumpkin to have all year. I love canning too!

Reducing in HM said...

Oh! And the toy run was really spectacular (not to be confused with Craptacular which has a whole nother meaning.) Seeing so many bikes like that was just.. wow. I cannot wait to get my new phone this week so I can photograph that kind of thing. I love moterbikes.. mostly because they are rather 'green'.

After watching that we went and ate at Crapplebees. :o)

VanDog said...

Well there! You didn't need my help after all...

As a kid, I would grow quite a large pumpkin patch with the vines running all over the back yard. Of coarse the highlight of the year was carving my pumpkins for Halloween. Then roasting, and eating, the seeds from my freshly murdered pumpkins. Only problem was that I would eat too many of them, and get a stomach ache.

Remember to save some of your seeds in layers of newspaper to plant next year. They will keep just fine in a cool dry place.

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